About Us

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Max-I-Mus Peformance & Fitness provides personal blue prints to one's heart, mind and body in a series of professionally layed out trainings that will enhance sport performance, nutrition, weight loss (Toning) and more. For more information, please read below.



Mr. Max provides personal training on all age levels and at all performance levels. Whether it be the most athletic or the most out of shape, he has what you need. In a series of professionally designed Maxouts, you will be giving your body the gift it deserves. 

The personal training is offered in group or individual sessions in the time slots provided. All ages are welcome and encouraged to challenge themselves each time they step into the #Colosseum. Giving your best is chasing the #Greatness you have within YOU. 

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            GROUP TRAINING


Group training is offered in conjunct with personal training. Groups consist of about 4-6 people with age groups varying depending on the time slot provided. 

Group training's consist of speed and agility, resistance traininig, conditioning and yoga. Challenging yourself with others who are on the same path to #Greatness is an advantage you will not find anywhere else. Trained by two of the best athletes in York, with the experience of training on college teams, you will fall in love with the team atmosphere. 

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Do you own a corporation or business that thrives in teamwork, accountability and/or value? At Max-I-Mus Performance and Fitness, we provide that and more for your business. Corporate training is offered for any and all businesses and/or organizations that are striving to be successful as one. It consists of YOUR team performing particularly designed training's, together. 

Work together, hold each other accountable, and take pride in valuing your shared goal. Do that in the #Colosseum and see the positive changes within the office.