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At Max-I-Mus Performance & Fitness, there is no off-season. Max-outs are offered to athletes before, during and after season. From speed and agility sessions to resistance training, all sports require these components to be successful. With the first-hand experience of training at the highest level, we know what it takes off the stage to be successful on it.

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The more you Max-out, the quicker the results. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in better shape, tone up, or gain lean muscle-we have it at the #Colosseum. Before and after pics, recorded measurements and weight progression are provided. You will reach your greatness through conditioning, resistance training, and agility sessions. 



What you put into the body is essential to perform your personal Max-out blueprint.  We offer nutritional meal plans designed for your particular goals. These meal plans range from Ketogenic meals to detox/ cleanse shakes. For maximum results, Beverly International products are pure, approved and in conjunction with the components of all Max-outs. These products can be ordered through Mr. Max and delivered within 3 days.  You are not alone in your journey! To support and encourage becoming the greatest form of you, accountability and consulting is provided through weekly check-ins and discussion. 

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 Max-I-Mus Performance & Fitness offers basketball for beginners and advanced athletes. All ages are welcome to participate. Within the beginners session, fundamentals and age-level drills will be conducted. Within the advanced sessions, the difficulty level will be that of Division 1 drills and increasing based on performance. In conjunction, assessment and progression, as well as film of individual athletes will be offered. In order to be successful on the court, off the court Max-outs are essential. Therefore, all basketball athletes are required to perform max-outs while participating in the basketball clinics. This collaboaration is how to reach your personal greatness.

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Max-Fit body challenges consist of training with a goal in mind for a particular set of time. Challenges are conducted on Saturday and Sunday's at 9:30 AM. They consist of a variety of fast-paced resistance training, speed and conditioning aimed toward challenging your mind and body. Challenges are conducted in a group setting with Mr. Max leading the pack.